Join the lab

We have no specific openings but are always looking for enthusiastic students (undergraduate and graduate) to join our group!

If you are interested in joining our lab, please contact Prof. DiBenedetto over email. Please include your CV and a brief summary of your research interests, past experience, and how those interests fit into our current research group. 

For more information on applying to graduate school in the Mechanical Engineering department at UW, please visit the departmental admissions site here.

Potential postdocs: We currently have no specific postdoc funding, but there are always external funding opportunities, e.g.:

Washington Research Foundation which awards prestigious 3 year postdoc fellowships with applications due annually in June. 

NSF Ocean Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship which awards prestigious 2 year postdoc fellowships with applications due annually in November: 

eFellows Postdoctoral Fellowships are prestigious 2 year engineering fellowships funded by NSF and ASEE: 

There are many others as well (e.g., the Schmidt Fellows, DARPA, L'Oreal, etc.). Feel free to reach out if you are interested in proposing postdoctoral work in our lab.