Research in our lab lies at the intersection of environmental fluid mechanics and particle-laden flows, with an appreciation for fundamental fluid mechanics. We study interdisciplinary problems with environmental, biological, and engineering applications. We use a variety of tools including laboratory experiments and mathematical modelling.

We are a part of UW-Environmental Fluid Mechanics (EFM) and Pacific Marine Energy Center (PMEC).

June 2022Julio, Inessa, Luci, Michelle, Anusha, Carlos

Lab News

  • Apr 2022: Carlos is awarded an NDSEG fellowship!

  • Sept 2021: Julio and Carlos start at UW and join the lab.

  • Aug 2021: Luci is awarded an NSF OCE-PRF postdoctoral fellowship to support her work at UW. Congrats Luci!

Michelle DiBenedetto

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle

PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Stanford University 2019

MS in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Stanford University 2015

BS in Environmental Engineering, Cornell University 2014

Contact: mdiben @ uw dot edu